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Mini arēna


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diameter - 6m, height of the fence 60 - 170 cm,
length of each side ~ 220cm

- fence made of steel zinc coated tubes and steel zinc coated net,
the bottom part of the fence made of wood
- goals made of steel zinc coated tubes and net with dimensions
120 x 52 x 30cm
- entrance with dimensions 106 x 66cm mounted on the height of 50cm

to the ground using screws and anchors .

Small Portable Court great for events for small children and youth.
Ideal for practicing technical skills, stimulate motor function.
Mini Arena is perfect for a new exciting soccer game.
It is played one-on-one on a small court. The ball must be in play all the time.
A game lasts for two minutes.
It is won immediately when one of the players executes a clean “tunnel” against the other.
It is lost when the player kicks the ball out of the court.
Mini Arena is great also for other games e.g. floorball.
On a small court the game becomes more intense and exciting .
Additionally available with portable VersaCourt surface.
A fall on such a flooring is not fearful, not painful.
And exciting game guaranteed!
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Mini arēna

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